Want to be apart of MIBSA? Annual General Meeting announcement

Want to be on the MIBSA committee for 2017?

Want to have your say in events and roles for 2017?

Interested in learning more about us?

Come to the MIBSA annual general meeting! 

All roles will be available for you to apply for (see descriptions below). If you’re interested, turn up to our AGM with a quick speech OR email info@mibsa.org to express your interest and ask for more info. We welcome all to join the association! Whether your creative, great with numbers, or a natural born leader, there’s a position for everyone, no matter what course you’re studying at RMIT.

BONUS: Looks great on your LinkedIn, plenty of freebies & opportunities to develop yourself professionally.


Role descriptions


  • Chairs all meetings
  • Attends all Business Student Association board of directors meetings
  • Keeps track of the KPI’s and sets the association goals for the year
  • Communicates with the Vice President, ensuring all projects are running as planned
  • Recruitment, conduct interviews to select and manage the MIBSA committee


  • Attends all meetings
  • Overseeing implementation of internal projects or events
  • Liaise with RMIT College of Business & RMIT BSA, if designated by the President
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection and management of the MIBSA committee for succession and key positions


  • Attends all meetings
  • Keep weekly, monthly and annual documents up to date as required
  • Write meeting minutes for MIBSA meetings (GM, AGM, & SGM) and circulate those minutes to committee and necessary stakeholders (google drive)
  • Co-ordinate and organise meeting rooms for BSA meetings and circulate this information to the committee prior to meetings
  • Ensuring compliance with RUSU and constitution
  • Maintain neat organisation of MIBSA Drive


  • Attends all meetings
  • Ensures the MIBSA bank account is sustainable
  • Construct a year budget detailing allotted expenditures for events & materials
  • Ensure budgets are being followed
  • RUSU grant application submissions
  • Invoices and account signatories are satisfied
  • Complete annual cash flow statements and financial report (balance sheet) for AGM & SGM
  • Completing necessary financial statements as required
  • Ensuring sponsorship agreements are accurate

Director of Marketing & Director of Social Media (2 seperate roles)

  • Attends all meetings
  • Entire marketing portfolio of the MIBSA (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, website) and all MIBSA marketing collateral
  • Tracking and measurement of all marketing activities and completing relevant documents
  • Developing and achieving marketing KPIs
  • Making the final call on all marketing-relevant decisions and overseeing all work completed by marketing associates
  • Frequent posts on the MIBSA Facebook page and other social media accounts
  • Report developments to the committee & executive on behalf of your team
  • Development and implementation of a multichannel marketing plan, and externally available channels (such as social media)
  • Development of a marketing/social media activities calendar/ schedule
  • Liaising with the MIBSA Events team to develop and implement marketing activities for MIBSA related events
  • Implementation of marketing activities

Director of Events

  • Attends all meetings
  • Leader of the events team and is in charge of creating and implementing social and academic events within the association
  • Project planning and developing
  • Organisation and reporting of internal projects or events
  • Reporting developments to the committee
  • Constructing event plans to pitch to the committee 
  • Event management

Director of Corporate Relations

  • Attends all meetings
  • Leader of the corporate relations team and is in charge of reaching out to industry
  • Contacting industry for sponsorship and mutually beneficial event corporation
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with corporations
  • The creation of relevant documentation, including emails to industry and sponsorship packages

Director of Communications & Human Resources

  • Attends all meetings
  • Leader of the communications & HR team and in charge of all communication between the committee and MIBSA members and internal MIBSA HR related activity
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of MIBSA objectives and legal requirements
  • Promotion of corporate values through performance management
  • Recruitment and training & development
  • Establish a tone and ensure its consistency throughout all activities
  • Increase interaction between MIBSA and it’s members


A ‘MIBSAmbassador’ assists MIBSA in the running of the events, the promotion of MIBSA and events and any other general duties as required. Becoming a MIBSAmbassador is a great opportunity to become involved in student associations, putting you in a great place to join the general or executive committees next year. You must be outgoing, confident, and organised. Ambassadors must commit to assist in the running of minimum 2 events per semester to be accredited.